Decision-making centre of Europe

Brussels is home to the key political and decision-making institutions of the European Union – the European Parliament, the Council of Ministers of the EU, the European Commission, as well as NATO, Eurocontrol and many more.

1,000,000 m2 – office space occupied by the European Commission in Brussels


3,500,000 – overnight business stays in Brussels in 2016

20,000 of individual lobbyists and 1,000 foreign journalists are estimated to be working in Brussels and its surroundings.

With 5,000 diplomats and 150 embassies Brussels has the largest diplomatic community in the world.

Thanks to Europe, Brussels is one of the largest international conference hubs in the world, with more than 200 meeting venues totalling 1.2 million m2 of space. The city also offers ample accommodation facilities – 200 hotels with around 20,000 rooms close to the city centre and an additional 3,000 hotel rooms in the immediate vicinity of the Brussels Airport.

121,000 – the number of jobs linked to international institutions in Brussels


Since 1991, the Expat Welcome Desk has provided a one-stop-shop for international staff and their families in Brussels. The Expat Welcome Desk is part of the Office of the Brussels Commissioner for Europe, the local authorities’ single point of contact for all European institutions and international organizations.

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